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Store more information about my members in the database

If you need to collect information from your group members to store in your member database, then we have three easy ways for you to do this. You can add custom database fields to store the information and then create additional questions on your registration form or send out an e-mail requesting members update their details to fill those fields with information. You can also choose whether you want some of the information you store about your members to be displayed in your members’ public profiles. 

Add custom database fields

You can create your own, fully customised database fields (columns in your database), which enable you to collect and store additional information you require from your members. For example, store contact information about your members so that you can contact them offline or ask them questions about the future of the group. See this article on creating database fields for more information.

Import your database with custom columns into GroupSpaces

If you are importing a file into your membership database which has additional columns, GroupSpaces will add these as custom fields in your members database, saving you the hassle of entering the information one-by-one.

We also have a series of articles on how to import your membership database from other sources into groupspaces.

Creating additional questions for your membership form

You can add questions based on custom database fields to the group's registration form, which your members can complete when joining the group. The form is automatically updated every time you edit the database fields and is embeddable into your external website.

Once you have created some custom fields, you can select the option 'Members can view and update this column' and then check the 'Ask new members to provide this when they sign up' option to include it on the registration form. You can also choose whether to include the answers in members' public profiles, and whether members are required to answer this field to join the group. Find out mroe about customizing the registration form with this article.


Updating member details after a member has joined

As a manager you can edit or update the details of your members any time by clicking 'Edit' after selecting members on the 'Members' tab of your management toolbar. Members can also update their own information by clicking 'Edit Membership' on the group's homepage or from their 'My Account' page, when logged in (accessed by clicking your name in the top right of the page, then selecting 'My Groups' in the drop-down menu).

See our article on editing member details for more information.

Once you create a new database field for your membership database, you can also request updates from your existing members via e-mail.

Add custom database fields now


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