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White label

Our White-Label service removes GroupSpaces branding and logos from your public group website and e-mails. Any newsletters, notifications or event invitations you send out won't mention GroupSpaces at all. Your group will not feature a link to the GroupSpaces homepage, 'Tour' or the 'Create your own group' pages.

The management area will still contain GroupSpaces branding, as this is not visible to anyone other than group managers.

When your members join your group as full members, they are required to create a 'GroupSpaces account', where there is a small GroupSpaces logo. This is to enable your members to be able to access your group from their ‘My Account’ page, which is designed for our members to log-in only once to access all the groups they are a member of on GroupSpaces. You can find out more about this page here.

For your members to be able to login, the bar at the top of the group website with 'Sign in' links will remain, but without the GroupSpaces logo. You can remove this bar from the 'Custom Theme' page in the 'Website' tab of your management area, but be aware that this may make it difficult for members to login to your group.

This feature is available in the Ultimate premium package only. More details about pricing and packages can be found here.

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