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Member Database

Only managers of a group have access to their group's member database. You can find it by clicking the 'Members' tab in your management toolbar.

Our flagship feature is the Member Database which allows you to store information on your members by defining custom database fields (which you could use to save addresses, phone numbers, payment due dates etc.) and arrange and sort your members details into 'Lists' based on these custom fields.

You can also create a registration form, which can be embedded on an external website, or accessed directly through your group, containing any number of questions to ask of your members before they join, or to update their details later on, once they are already a member.

Members can update their own data at any time (but only for the fields you allow them to update, while keeping others visible only to group managers if you prefer).

'Member Lists' can be created automatically by using filters, so any member record that contains a certain piece of information is automatically added to a list, or you can add them manually yourself, or let members add themselves when signing up if you prefer.

To populate your database, you can either:

Directly within your database, you can:

  • Add members to lists: Simply select any number of members and click on the 'More Actions' button.
  • Edit and delete records: Select member(s) and click on the 'Edit' or 'Delete' buttons.
  • View all members in a particular list: Click on the list name in the left hand side tab.
  • Sort by columns: Click on the colum name, click again to sort the other way (sorts alphabetically).

You can also:

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