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Email Digests

Email digests give your members the option of subscribing to a daily summary of all the emails sent to a list, rather than receiving every message in real time. 

How do you turn digests on?
To give members the option to subscribe to email digests, head over to your Settings tab and click on "Emails" in the left-hand menu.

How do members subscribe to digests?

Members must have a GroupSpaces account before they can subscribe to a digest.  In order to get digests, they should log into their accounts on your GroupSpaces website, click on the "Edit Membership" link in the top right-hand corner, and edit their email preferences. 

Edit Membership

Alternatively, you can subscribe a member to digests by selecting their entry in your member database, clicking on the Edit button, and changing their email preferences yourself.

When are digest sent?
Daily digests are sent at 4am in the time zone you've selected for your group.