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Sell tickets for your events

You can add tickets to existing events by 'Editing' them or when creating an event. To sell tickets simply click the 'Add tickets to this event' option on your Create Event page.

A pop-up window will appear where you can specify the ticket description, price and number of tickets for sale. You can choose to add the fee to your ticket price for members to pay, or allow the fee to be taken from the total amount you receive automatically, by GroupSpaces. See our article on payment fees for more information.

You can also add more than one type of ticket by simply clicking on the 'Add ticket type' button. 

Once you create and 'Publish' the event you can send out invites by clicking on the 'Send Invites' button. This will send an e-mail with a button to buy tickets directly from that e-mail.

Members can RSVP and buy tickets from the e-mail they receive even if they don't have a GroupSpaces web account.

You can also add your own customised e-mail confirmation to be sent with a booking reference after a ticket is purchased by clicking 'Edit ticket sale confirmation message'.

Under this section you can set who can register for your event and whether a ‘Maybe’ RSVP is allowed. You can also allow your guest list to be shown and comments to be published on your event’s page.

Create a new event with tickets now

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