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Create a payment (bill, subscription or shop item)

Step 1: Choose your payment provider

Configure how you want to accept payments and through which provider (PayPal or Google Checkout) from the 'Payment Settings' page in the 'Payments' tab on the management toolbar. For more information on making the choice between payment providers and how to set up your preferred one, see this article.

Step 2: Create a new membership payment

Click 'New Payment' on the 'Payments' tab.

Choose the type of payment you'd like to create, then choose a name for the payment, input the amount to charge, and add any further details, instructions or questions you’d like to ask.

Different payment types:
A 'Bill' will allow you to e-mail specific members a request to pay a specific amount, while a 'Subscription' will create an item on your group's 'Subscriptions' tab, and allow group members to pay through an online checkout. You can also set subscriptions to automatically e-mail members to remind them to pay at set intervals or on a specific date. 'Items' can be sold in the group's 'Shop' tab, allowing members to browse and purchase items online.


Step 3: Send the bill via e-mail to your members, or enable the 'Subscriptions' or 'Shop' tab.

For bills you will be taken to a page where you can select members to request a payment from. This page allows you to select 'Member Lists', or specific individuals from your database to e-mail.

If you have created a subscription or shop item, visit the 'Tabs' page in the 'Website' menu to enable the relevant tab. This allows group memebrs to browse and buy the various options available to them.

Step 4: Track payments 

Click 'Track Payments' under the payment name to see any answers to questions you added to the payment as well as track who has paid and when. You can also export this information to Excel.


If any of your members paid you by other means, you can mark them as having 'Paid Offline'

Click here to create your first payment

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