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Include event registration questions

Event registration questions allow you to collect relevant information from your members for an event - for example name, telephone number, dietary requirements etc. Ideally these should be added during the event creation process, but you can also add registration questions to existing events by clicking 'Edit event'.

When creating or editing your event, you should see the following section:

Click 'Add a question to this event' to add registration questions. A list of the current questions will appear. As you can see the default information collected is just the respondents email address, however you can add to this any number of questions you like. For example, whether your attendees have any special dietary requirements for a dinner.


To add a question simply click on the 'Add another question' button and fill in the details.

Your questions can use a variety of response formats such as text, multiple choice, yes/no, check boxes or a file upload, which can be selected from the drop down menu. You can also tick the box next to ‘Require people to complete this field’, which will not allow your members to sign up for the event unless they answer your question.

Any extra information you gather from your respondents will be displayed in the 'View Attendees' option of your event management tool-bar (Read more).

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