Help Center

Use the editor

The editor bar appears wherever you would enter text, for example when composing e-mails, editing pages or the wiki, in the forum or when adding information to events. It allows you to spell check, link to events, files, websites, pages on your group and email addresses, insert google maps and pictures as well as edit fonts, colors, the html source code and include tables. This can all be done using the various buttons you see on the toolbar.


The button allows you to link to attachments that you either upload as you edit or choose from files that have previously been uploaded by your group. Highlight the text you want to act as a link to the file before clicking.

Use the button to link to websites, group pages or email addresses. If you want to make a particular word or string of words the text for the link, highlight the text before clicking on the link button.

Inserting pictures

The  button along allows you to insert pictures. You can either upload one or choose from pictures previously uploaded. You also get a choice of how you want the picture to be displayed (where on the page and which size) as well as an option to link the the full size picture in a separate page. Aligning the picture to the left or right causes text to wrap round it.


To insert a table, click on the button. You can edit the table by right clicking it. This allows you to add further rows or columns and also to specify width and height.
To delete a table, simply right click and choose 'Delete Table'.

Google Maps

If you want to insert a Google map, click the button. At the top of the window there will be three tabs. The second one allows you to search for a specific location, while the first lets you set the size of the map.