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Send event invitations & collect RSVPs

Before you send out event invitations, you need to create your event and click on the 'Publish' button.

Once you've created and published an event, you will see five buttons in the right handside in the 'Manage this event' section.

The 'Send Invites' button lets you invite group members to the event with a custom message they will receive by e-mail with 'Yes', or 'No' RSVP buttons (or 'Buy Tickets' and 'Decline' buttons).

You can invite all your members or specific lists. Check the boxes next to the lists you would like the invitation to go out to and add your message. Click on 'Preview Email'. If you're happy with the message click 'Send', otherwise click on 'Back' to edit.

Your members can then respond by clicking on the RSVP buttons in their e-mail which will take them to a page confirming their choice as well as asking them to fill in any details you've asked for (i.e. event registration questions).

Tracking Responses

Go to the 'Attendees' option to track responses:


If you added questions to your event (e.g. dietary requirements for a dinner) then the responses to these will also be displayed in the 'Attendees' tab.

The 'RSVP'd Yes' category will only show members that have indicated they are attending, but not filled in the registration form for non-ticketed events (this could be because they either went directly to the event online and RSVP'd there instead of clicking on 'Register Now' or they RSVP'd before you added questions to the event).

The 'View all responses' categories shows everyone who has been invited and their RSVP's.

If you need to store the attendee information elsewhere or send it to someone, you can simply export it out of GroupSpaces by clicking the 'Export' button. This gives you a spreadsheet of tickets bought along with replies to questions you've set (e.g. dietary preferences).

Inviting New Members

To invite new members to an event (after you've already invited people), you will need to go to the 'Send invites' page, select 'All members' and ensure you check the box underneath the editor titled 'Only email people who have not yet been invited' to ensure you don't sent out duplicate invites.

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