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Edit member details

Editing details of your members, as a manager

Within the member database (click the 'Members' tab in your management toolbar) you can edit specific records by ticking a particular member row and clicking on the 'Edit' button:

You can edit more than one record in the same way although this will set any field you edit to the same value for all records.

Edit multiple fields for numerous members

The best way to do this is first export your database into Excel ('Export Members' in the left sidebar of the 'Members' tab).


You can then edit your database in a spreadsheet, change values and add additional columns. Save your file into a *.csv. format and then import back into your group.


Updating your own details, as a member

You can update your details if they have changed since joining a group with GroupSpaces any time, by clicking on your name in the top right of the page once you log in to GroupSpaces. Links on the right hand side allow you to change your e-mail address, profile picture and so on. To change your default display name, click 'E-mail Addresses' then 'Public Profile' on the right hand side.

For editing group-specific information:

Click on ‘Edit Membership’ under the name of the group you want to update your details for. Fill out the form, then click on the ‘Save Changes’ button. You can also unsubscribe from mailing lists, or leave the group entirely from this page.

Updating your details from the group's home page

You can also update your details from most of our groups' home pages by clicking on the 'Edit Membership' link in the box which says 'You are a member of this group'.

Updating your details from the 'Members' tab

You can also click your name on the 'Members' tab, if your group has enabled it, to see your public profile. There will be an 'Edit' link at the top of your own profile which will take you to the same page as above.

Updating your details following the link in an e-mail you've received

You may receive an e-mail from the managers of a group on GroupSpaces to update your details. This might happen if they have added extra information since you joined the group. Simply click on the ‘Update your details’ button contained in the e-mail you receive, fill out the form on the ‘Edit Your Group Membership’ page and click on the ‘Save Changes’ button to update your profile.

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