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Customize the e-mail newsletter template

There are two ways to change the look of your e-mail newsletters depending on how much of a change you need.

Upload a header image and customize the default template

Editing the default template allows you to upload a different header image, change the border and line colours as well as the font, text size and e-mail width. Our 'How to customize the default e-mail templatearticle will show you how to do this.

Upload your own HTML template

Using your own template allows for greater customization but requires knowledge of editing HTML code. This also allows you decide where in your template different sections from the editor will be displayed. For more information take a look at our 'How to use your own HTML e-mail templatearticle.

Other options

You can also customize the name and the default subject that the recipients see when they receive an e-mail from your group. You can do this on the 'E-mail Template' page. You can also customize the deafult footer for your e-mails using the editor on the same page.

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