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Send emails or newsletters to my members

You can send e-mails to your members in two different ways. To send out fully customized newsletters to your group, you can create a newsletter with the 'Compose E-mail' page. To send a plain text e-mail directly from your own e-mail address, without the need to be logged-in to GroupSpaces, we have an 'E-mail Discussion List' feature. Find out more about that here, or read on below for more about sending newsletters.

Sending a Newsletter from your group

Click 'Compose E-mail' in the 'E-mails' tab on your management toolbar.

From this page you can load previous drafts or create a new newsletter using the editor.

You can add additional sections to make your newsletter easier to read, by clicking on the 'Add section' button. GroupSpaces will automatically generate a table of contents with links to each section (which can be turned off by clicking the checkbox next to 'Generate table of contents').

The 'Footer' acts as your signature and can be edited from the 'E-mail Template' page:

Target your e-mails

If you have created 'Member Lists', you can also choose which members the e-mail goes out to.

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