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Migrate from Yahoo Groups and import your mailing list

GroupSpaces and Yahoo Groups are similar products providing discussion lists, file storage, photos and calendar. GroupSpaces however, does not require your members to create accounts and they only need an e-mail address and password if they do create an account. Additionally, GroupSpaces provides you with a customizable website where you can choose your group colors and fully customize the content that displays on your homepage, custom pages, event management and a member database.

Importing your member list from Yahoo Groups

Log-in to your Yahoo Group and go to the 'Members' page. As a logged in owner or moderator, you should see the 'Download' and 'Export' links in the top right:

To export just your mailing list (list of e-mail addresses):

  1. Click on 'Download'
  2. Select All and Copy the list of e-mail addresses displayed
  3. Go to 'Add Members' within your GroupSpaces group (or create a group) and 'Add E-mail Addresses' and paste this list into the box provided to import your mailing list.

To export member details:

  1. Click on 'Export' from within your Yahoo Group
  2. 'Save As' a .csv file
  3. Import to GroupSpaces using our 'Import Members from a File' page found on the 'Add Members' page
  4. Import the e-mail addresses and create columns for any other data you wish to store in your GroupSpaces database
  5. Review and Import.

Copy over Files

First, download your group's files by going to 'Files' within your Yahoo group and clicking on the file names to download. Next, go to your GroupSpaces group and make sure File Sharing is enabled from within 'File Sharing Settings' (found under the 'FIles' tab). Next, go back to the 'Files' tab, and simply click on 'Upload File' and select your files. You can arrange your files into folders and you get 250Mb storage space as standard for free. Upgrade to one of our paid plans for more storage space.


Both Yahoo Groups and GroupSpaces provide your group with:
  • photo albums
  • file storage with folders
  • calendar & events
  • newsletters
  • reply all mailing list
Only in GroupSpaces:
  • Payments: sell tickets, collect memebr fees, collect money for merchendise
  • Facebook integration: import and export events
  • Lists: group your members into sub-lists to send e-mails to, or restrict access to pages for, certain members.
  • Request additional data from your members with custom dastabase fields.
  • Online Forum
  • proffessional newsletters with templates and option to fully customate
  • Premium plans which allow you to remove adverts, get e-mail statistics and even remove all GroupSpaces branding for a custom hosted solution
  • Full Customization:  themes, full color customization and a drag & drop widgitised homepage for adding whatever content you wish including: facebook like page, forum posts, featured file, youtube videos, images, custom content and more.