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Migrate from Google Groups and import your mailing list

Importing your member list from Google Groups is very easy and you can then take advantage of a number of features of GroupSpaces which integrate with our mailing list and member database features including event management, group website, collecting payments and more.

Importing member list

To export your member list from your Google Group, go to 'Management tasks' (found the right hand sidebar) from within your Google Group and click on the 'Export member list' button:

This will save your member list as a .csv file to your computer. By default, this will be saved under the name of your group.


Next: log into your GroupSpaces group (or create a group) and click the green 'Add Members' button found under the 'Members' tab, and choose the option to 'Import Members from a File'. Now simply click on 'choose file' to upload the .csv member list you downloaded from your Google Group and click on 'Next'.

Choose the columns you would like to import and those you don't:


Click on 'Next' to confirm details and 'Import' to finish.


Similar to Google Groups, GroupSpaces offers users an e-mail discussion list feature. The main difference being that in addition to the main list, you can also have sub-lists (consisting of sub-groups) of your members to allow discussions between comittee only for example or paying members. Managers can get to choose whether members of the list can reply-all or simply reply to sender. Managers will always be able to post to the list. See our article on e-mail discussion lists for more information. A web-archive (similar to one Google provide) is coming very shortly.

Additionally, GroupSpaces provides a number of complementing features:

  • along with the member list - you can specify additional columns and store as much information as possible, using your group as a secure online member database
  • you can organise and collect RSVPs for events with Facebook integration and processing ticket sales
  • collect money
  • customize the look and content of your group to create a unique website