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Use your database offline (as an attendance register and more)

You can use your GroupSpaces database offline to collect data when not connected to the net, then synchronise it to your online database later on.

GroupSpaces' 'Export Members' function will allow you to use the database to keep track of member attendance at events when you can't connect to the net, ask questions of your members face to face and keep track of their responses, and lots of other offline tasks.

  1. Create custom database fields for the information you are going to collect. (In the case of an attendance register, you will need a new field for each event you want to mark attendance. Using a 'Yes or No' field type might be the simplest option. To ask questions, add a 'Paragraph Text' field for as many questions as you want).
  2. Download the database by clicking 'Export Members' in the 'Members' tab of the management toolbar.
  3. Open the exported file in Excel and take that with you to your event. You can mark attendance or input the answers to questions in the spreadsheet on your offline laptop.
  4. Save the updated spreadsheet as a 'CSV' file and Import the new data back into the spreadsheet. GroupSpaces will automatically update the new columns, and overwrite previous data with updated data. 

N.B. - You don't actually need to create the columns first, although it helps to understand what's happening a little better. If you like, just export your current database, create new columns in the Excel spreadsheet, and GroupSpaces will create these columns for you when you upload it again later on.