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Upload photos and create albums

To host and display photo or image galleries in your group, go to 'Files Settings' under the 'Files' tab.

Choose the 'Yes' option next to 'Photo sharing enabled?' You can also configure the access settings for who has permission to upload photos and separately who can view photos.

Note: You will also need to have 'File Sharing' enabled to upload and edit pictures, as the two features share the same storage space.


Creating albums

Go to the 'Photos' tab in your group's tabs bar (add it on the 'Tabs' page if you don't have it already). Simply click on the 'Create album' button to pick a name, add description and upload photos. You can also choose whether to allow people to leave comments within this album. You can change this setting at any time by clicking on the 'Edit Album' link at the top right while viewing your album. This lets you change the name and description as well as letting you delete the album.

If you allow comments, anyone who can view your photos tab and has a GroupSpaces account will be able to leave comments.



The files of your photos will be stored in your 'File Managerin a folder with your album name and a picture icon. You can delete individual photos from here as well as upload more photos or images. To delete a whole album, click on the album, click 'Edit album' and then you can delete the album from here.