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E-mail Discussion Lists

Our E-mail Discussion List (ListServ) feature allows your members to reply or reply-all to group e-mails directly from their e-mail client. This also means you can e-mail your members or a member list (such as your committee) directly from your e-mail client without logging into GroupSpaces!

E-mailing a List

Once enabled, managers can e-mail group lists directly without logging into GroupSpaces. Simply send an e-mail to to e-mail all your group members or to only e-mail a particular list (the committee for example). You can see the actual e-mail addresses to use from your 'Lists' page within your group. It displays under the list name (see screenshot to the right) and can be edited from the 'Members' tab when editing your list.

To let members post to the whole group or particular lists, go to 'Member Lists', then 'Lists Detailed'  and choose who can post by ticking the box under 'Members can post and reply to mailing list'. Members can only post to, or receive messages from, lists they belong to.

Attachments can only be sent to lists with fewer than 500 members, so linking to a file uploaded to the 'Files' page is your best bet for larger lists.


You can choose whether members can post to the list and whether they can reply only to the author or post to the whole group ('reply-all'). You can set this for the whole group as well as for individual lists from 'Email Settings' as well as within individual lists by clicking on 'Customize permissions for member lists'.

Web Archive

At present, e-mails sent through our discussion list feature will not be available to view online. This is something we're currently working on and will be adding very soon. All your e-mails are also currently being archived to be displayed online when we release this feature, however.