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Customize the layout of my group and homepage

To customize the look and feel of your group, you can modify the header and colors and the tabs linking to different pages, but you can also fully customize what content to show and where to show it on the homepage and sidebars of your group.

Customizing homepage and sidebar widgets

Select 'Layout from the 'Website' tab.

Click the headings in the 'Features' toolbox on the left to expand the different sections and browse all the available content widgets.

To add a content widget to your group, select a widget from the 'Features' toolbox and drag and drop into sections under the layout template on the right

Configure widgets by clicking on the 'Edit' button.

Customizing sidebars

You change the homepage layout to have one, two or no sidebars, and you can also add customized side bars to internal pages as well. Do this by clicking 'Edit Columns' in the top right of the 'Layout' page.


To reset the layout to the default, click on the 'Reset layout to default' button at the bottom right of the page. Any changes are implemented instantly - simply go to your 'Home' page or various other pages to view them.