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How do I email sub-groups/lists of my members?

You can use GroupSpaces to easily contact sub-groups of your members (for example: committee members, new members or alumni) by using our ‘Lists’ feature.

Send an e-mail/newsletter to a sub-group

You can send an e-mail to one or more member lists from your ‘Compose’ page, in the 'E-mails' tab of your management toolbar.

Find out more about sending e-mails to your group here.

Contact a sub-group using an ‘E-mail Discussion List’

You can also contact the members of your sub-groups without logging in to GroupSpaces using our ‘E-mail Discussion List’ feature, which also allows the members of your sub-groups to reply to your and each other’s e-mails, either directly to the author, or to the whole list.

To find out more about setting up and using this feature, click here.