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GroupSpaces provides a powerful e-mail feature for group managers to send out newsletters to members of their group. You can fully customize the design of the e-mails, archive them online, and analyse statistics about who received and read your e-mails.

This feature is primarily designed to be used as one way communication between the managers of a group and its members/mailing list. Replies to e-mails are are sent to the author/sender only. For an 'E-mail Discussion List' which allows your members to post to the whole group (or particular lists) or for information about sending e-mails from your e-mail client see this article.

You can also e-mail your members, or sub-groups of members, directly from your own e-mail client, without needing to log in to GroupSpaces.

Using GroupSpaces E-mail allows you to easily:
  • send professional branded e-mails through our intuitive editor and template options
  • manage 'Lists' by grouping your members into sub-groups to target emails or allow group discussions
  • let members subscribe/unsubscribe themselves making a mailing list easy to manage
  • find which e-mail addresses are no longer working
  • collect e-mail statistics for who opened your e-mails and which links got the most clicks
  • archive all e-mails online for easy access & reference

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