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Create a membership form using custom database fields

Click 'Database Fields' in the 'Members' tabs on your management toolbar.

To add a new column/field in your database simply click on the 'Add Column' button on the left hand side and fill in the details. A new box should appear for each column. This also allows you to edit the columns. For more information on editing databse fields, see this article.

Adding fields to your membership form

Use the 'Who can see this column?' settings on the 'Edit Database Fields' page to decide whether to show the selected field in the membership form or not. 'Include in members' public profiles' decides whether the answers to this question are displayed in public profiles accessible from the 'Members' tab and forum posts.

New members will be asked these questions when they join the group, and old members can update their information, or you can send them an e-mail to request updates.


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