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Add custom fields to your database

Click the 'Members' tab in your management dashboard, and then select 'Database fields' in the left sidebar. 

To add a new field (database column) simply click on the blue 'Add Column' button at the bottom of the page and fill in the details. A new section should appear for each column.

You can add a title to a column under the ‘Column Name’ section, which will show up in your public membership directory and manager-only database. Change the field type using the drop-down menu to whatever is most suited to the data you will be storing in that column. The type of field will determine how it is displayed on member profiles and on the registration form.

Next, set who can view the information your members enter in the column you create and add a question title and instructions or hints for your members when they are adding their details to the column.

You can also change the position of the new column by dragging and dropping the title up and down in the list of fields on the left. The fields at the top will show up first in the database and on members' public profiles.

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