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Manage my membership online

GroupSpaces is built around making it easier to manage your membership database. We provide your group with a secure online members database (fully customised based upon your needs) to store up-to-date details of your members and easily organise them into sub-groups ('Lists'). You can also create your own membership form, allowing you to collect information from the new members who are signing up to join your group.

Using the Membership database

As the manager of your group, you can access your full membership database where you can search, filter and edit your members’ records or give some of your members managerial access.

You can find out more information about this feature here.

Storing up-to-date records for your members

Using custom database fields, you can store up-to-date information about your members, which you can make public on each member's profile page, or keep private for manager use only.

Here is a quick guide about collecting this information.

Custom registration forms

You can create your own membership form for your group by adding your own custom database fields to the membership database and selecting the option to 'Ask new members to provide this when they sign up'. 

Click here to find out more about creating a registration form.

Updating member details

As a manager you can edit/update the details of your members any time. You can also allow your members to update their own records. Click here for more information.

Once you create a new database field for your membership database, you can e-mail a request to your existing members to update their information.

Organise your members into sub-groups

You can create sub-groups for your members using our ‘Lists’ feature, which allows you to interact only with the members of your sub-groups as opposed to your whole group, when choosing who to receive e-mails, access files or pages, RSVP to events and so on.


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