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Create a GroupSpaces account

Creating an account is simple, even without creating a group. Click on the 'Create an account' link in the drop-down after clicking on ‘Sign In’ the top right of and simply enter your e-mail address and choose a password. 


You can also create an account following the ‘Create an account’ link, which is sent in the e-mail after being added to a group, where you just simply fill out the registration form of the group with the required details and choose a password to sign up and access your account.
If you don’t create an account with GroupSpaces, you will still receive the e-mails of the group. You can opt out of this by clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ link in the e-mail you receive. You can find out more about the difference between being a mailing list member and a full group member here.

The 'My Groups' Page

Once you have created an account with GroupSpaces, you can always click on your name in the top right after logging in and clicking 'My account' or go to When logged in, you are then taken to a page where you can see a list of your activities on GroupSpaces under the ‘My Notifications’ section in the middle. In the left, you will see the groups you manage and those which you are a member of under the ‘My memberships’ section. If there are any groups where your membership requires approval by the managers of a group, it will appear in the top of the notifications column in the middle. In the right, you have the option to edit your avatar/member profile picture and make changes to the settings of your account.