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Email my members directly from my email client

As well as sending customized e-mail newsletters from your group, you can send e-mails to your members without ever needing to log in to GroupSpaces, using our 'Email Discussion Lists' feature. This allows you to send e-mails to an address such as and have it sent to all members of your group. You can also set up separate discussion lists for sub-groups of your membership using 'Lists'.

Click 'Email settings' in the 'E-mails' tab of your management toolbar to find our what your group's e-mail address is, and set who can post and reply to discussion lists. If you'd like to change who can send messages to the lists, click 'Customize permissions for member lists' and change the options for your sub-lists as well. For List-specific addresses, see the 'Member Lists' page in the 'Members' menu.

Then, it's a simple matter of opening up your favourite e-mail client, and sending a message to "" or  "" to send to a specific list. Every member of that list that hasn't opted-out of receiving e-mails will receive a copy of the message, and may also be able to reply to you or to the whole list, depending on your settings.

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