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GroupSpaces lets you manage, receive and track payments online - ensuring that you know who has paid, when and what amount. This functionality integrates with your existing member database allowing you to request payments via e-mail to specific member lists or your whole member database, make recurring subscriptions available, or sell items through an online shop.

You can collect membership fees, merchandise payments, donations, event tickets payments, sponsorship, conference registrations and anything else with this powerful feature.

Your members can pay with most credit and debit cards (and PayPal if processing the payments through them).

We give you a choice of payment providers who actually process the payments and store your bank and credit details. You can also post the link to pay on your home page or other website.

Your payments dashboard tracks the payments you receive:


All card and bank details are stored and processed by our payment providers. They use bank level encryption to keep your information safe! For further details see:

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