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Create and promote an event

GroupSpaces doesn’t only give you the option of creating an event and displaying it in your group’s calendar, but you can also send invites to your event, add registration questions, sell tickets, track RSVPs, export the list of attendees, and even synchronize your events with Facebook.

Create an event

Click on the green ‘Create Event’ button under the ‘Events’ tab of your management toolbar to create one-off or recurring events.

If your group also has a presence on Facebook, enter the details of the event and export it to Facebook when you're done. This will allow you to synchronize your RSVPs across both platforms.

(N.B. Due to recent changes to the way Facebook allows external sites to connect to their system, we have had to remove the ability to Import events into GroupSpaces)

You can also automatically create an event while writing an e-mail.

Customize your event’s description

When you add your event's description you can customize the text using the editor toolbar, which allows you to add images, attach files, embed google maps and videos and format your text.

Sell tickets for your event

You can also add free or paid tickets to your event without using any other website. Take a look at our article on selling tickets for help on setting this up.

Add registration questions

You can also add registration questions to your event, which enables you to collect information such as dietary requirements for a dinner party. Our article on registration questions has more information.

Promote your event

To allow your event to be seen by visitors to your group, you must 'Publish' the event once you have created it. You can share it on Facebook and send invites to your members to persuade people top RSVP, and your members can also share it on Facebook or Twitter when they do.

Send invites

You can send invites to your event, after creating it, to your whole group or to specific 'Lists'. Your members will be able to RSVP to your event directly from the e-mail invite they receive, or by visiting the event page in your group. For further help, see the article on inviting members.

Manage RSVPs

You can track the RSVPs of your members by clicking on the ‘View All Attendees’ link on the page of the event. You can then edit the RSVP of your members if they have told you about a change offline (using the 'more actions' drop-down menu), or export a list of the attendees with a particular RSVP or ticket. 

Send reminder e-mails

You can also send reminder e-mails about your event, using the 'E-mail Attendees' tab, to those who have RSVP'd or to a separate list of only those who have bought a ticket, said 'maybe' or not yet replied.

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