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Access Controls

Access Settings allow you to control which sub-groups of your members have permission to access the various parts of your group. You can choose privacy settings for the Forum, Wiki, Files and Members tabs as well as Pages

There are a number of options to change who can view different parts of your site:

General Settings

The 'Overview' page (accessed by clicking the 'Settings' tab) allows you to select whether the whole group is Public or Private and who is allowed to join. Public Website allows anyone to see regardless of whether they are logged in, and Private group space' only allows logged-in members to see the content.

Settings for individual pages

Most pages such as 'Forums' and the 'Members' tab have an 'Settings' link in the top right of the tab's contents. These usually allow you to choose 'Any logged-in user', 'Group members only' or 'Managers only' to view the contents of that page. The exception is that Events can only be set to Public or Private.

Using 'Lists' for more control

Lists are sub-groups of your membership database which allow you to send payment requests or e-mails only to certain members, or restrict access to certain groups of members (instead of just 'all members') for the parts of your group with access settings.

To find our more about using Lists to customize access controls, click here