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Synchronize my events across multiple platforms

You can use GroupSpaces to synchronize your events across different websites and calendars - so you only have to create the event once!

Create your event through GroupSpaces, then with one click update your group, Facebook page and external website using the features described below. You can also export events to personal calendars.

Export your event to Facebook.

For full details on how to automatically create a copy of your event on your Facebook group or page and sync RSVPS, see this article.

Exporting events to Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar or iCal

If you want to export your event to any of the above programs, you can do so from the event’s page with one simple click. For Google calendar, you will be taken immediately to a page to add your event. For the other formats, you can download a calendar data file to import into your preferred calendar.


Embed your calendar on an external website

If you embed your GroupSpaces calendar on your own external website, once you create an event on GroupSpaces, it will automatically update both calendars without any additional work. 

If you haven’t yet embedded your calendar, read our website integration article.

RSS event feeds 

Your events are automatically added to your group’s RSS feed, which can be found on the website integration page.

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