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Create and link wiki pages

Creating a new wiki page

To create your first Wiki page, you need to create a 'tab' for it. Click the 'Website' tab in your management toolbar and then click 'Tabs' in the left sidebar.

Under 'Available Tabs' you will see an option titled 'Wiki', click and drag this into your 'Current Tabs', choose a name for it by clicking the little pencil icon, then click 'Save'. 

Go and view your group website and click the 'Wiki' tab in your navigation bar to then edit the content of your wiki.

You can enter whatever content you want, and when you want to link to another page just type the title of the page inside double square brackets. For example typing “[[mypage]]” will create a link to the page

It doesn't matter if you're linking to a page that doesn't exist yet, you will be prompted to create it when you follow the link. Links to pages that don't yet exist appear in red so you can easily find them.

Another way to create a page is to type the address of a new page into the address bar – you can use any page address that starts Once there, you'll get the option to create the page.

Linking between your wiki pages

You can link to Wiki pages you've created from other Wiki pages by using the page name inside double square brackets as described above. Alternatively, highlight the text you want to use as a link and click on the chain link button in the editor. You can them simply choose the page name from the menu instead of needing to enter the URL:

Unless disabled, you can access a list of all pages by title, all pages by URL or most recent changes via the links at the top of each page.


Changing link text

Enclosing text in double square brackets turn the text into a link for the new (or already created) page. To change the link text, add a vertical bar after the page name, followed by the text. For example,  [[page-name|title]] links to a wiki page with the URL, but the link text will be "title".

To stop text in double square brackets becoming a link, put an exclamation mark before it, for example: ![[page-name|link text]]

There are also two "magic words":

  • {{GROUPNAME}} will be replaced by the group's name
  • {{GROUPURL}} will be replaced by the group's URL

Again, you can force them not to expand by prefixing them with an exclamation mark, just like wiki-links: !{{GROUPNAME}} and !{{GROUPURL}}


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