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How do I stop certain members from receiving emails?

As a manager you can 'opt-out' particular members from receiving e-mail newsletters from your group. To see group e-mails or news they will need to go online and log in. They will still receive event or payment invitations and forum notifications which they've opted-in for, as well as individual messages sent to them through the Members tab.

To do this: go to your member database (click the 'Members' tab in your management toolbar)  and select the member who should not receive e-mails (find them by searching for their e-mail address or scrolling, then click on the check-box) and click 'Edit'.

You should then see an 'Opt out' button under their e-mail address, click on this to stop this member receiving e-mails.

To enable them to receive e-mails again, simply go to the edit member record page and click on 'Opt in'.

Members can also opt themselves out of receiving e-mails from the 'Edit Membership' page, accessible by clicking the link under the group name in their 'My Account' page.

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