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How can I embed Flash or YouTube videos in a page?

You can embed a YouTube video in pages, the wiki, forum, e-mails or anywhere else with an editor, using the 'Source' button.

On YouTube, click on the ‘Share’ button below the video, click the ‘Embed’ button, tick the box ‘Use old embed code’ and copy the code in the text box.

Back on GroupSpaces, click on on the 'Source' button in the editor and then paste the code where you would like the video to appear in the page.

Click 'OK' and then save the page to see the video.

Having problems? - We use an 'HTML cleaner' when saving the content of the editor to your pages, to ensure your code is secure and will work in the majority of web browsers. Sometimes this will cause the code you save to break, so in general, it is best to only use the visual view of the editor, rather than source. If your YouTube video isn't working, check you have the correct 'Old embed code' from YouTube. The newer YouTube code will cause problems.