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Create and use Lists

There are several ways to create 'Lists' to organise members of your group into sub-groups. All Lists can be seen by clicking 'Member Lists' in the 'Members' tab on the management toolbar.

Your lists will be stored in the left tab of your member database along with the icon you pick. Icons also appear within the database to let you see which members belong to which lists as an overview.

For a few (<25) members...

Go to the 'Members' tab in your management toolbar. Then, simply check the boxes next to all the members who you want to belong to the same list, click on the 'More Actions' drop-down menu and choose 'Add to...' new list or an existing list. You can also make selected members managers using the 'More Actions' button. 

For a larger number of members...

Go to 'Member Lists' (accessible through the 'Members' tab in the management toolbar) and click on the green 'Create List' box in the top left hand side of the screen. For lots of members, the easiest way to create lists is by using a filter. Click the ‘Edit’ button on the box of the list you want to edit. Under the section ‘Include members by filter’ select the database field you'd like to use as a filter from the drop-down menu. Once you select the database field, you will need to select who you want to be in your list based on what the database field ‘contains’ or doesn’t.

You can also manually enter the e-mail addresses for everyone who you want to be in this list by adding them in the textbox ‘Add members by e-mail’. This method is particularly useful when you've collected a list of e-mail addresses at a fresher's fair or event and want to add them all to your group in one go.



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