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Automatically add members to a specific List when they register

You can add members to 'Lists' automatically using 'Filters'.

To add all new members to a list

  1. Add a required question (using 'Confirmation' as the column name for example) to your registration form with only one answer (E.g. 'I accept the terms of this group')
  2. Create a list called 'New Members' or similar which contains a filter. Set the filter to include all members who's 'Confirmation' colum contains 'I accept the terms of this group'.
All new registrations will now automatically be on the 'New Members' list. You can then use this list to restrict access to certain pages, or send membership payment requests.

N.B. To add filters to a list, click 'Member Lists' in the 'Members' tab, and then click 'Edit' on the list you want to add a filter to. The filter options are on this page.

To add new members to different lists

Take the same steps as above, but use different questions or one question with multiple answers to generate your filters. This could be used to ask members what type of membership they require (and later used to send payment requests to those memebrs for different amounts), or sort members according to the area they live and so on.