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Facebook Integration

We have a number of great features that let you integrate your group and user account with Facebook:

Log in with Facebook

When you connect your account with Facebook, you will automatically be logged in to GroupSpaces whenever you're logged into Facebook. Meaning that you don't have to keep inputting multiple sets of e-mail addresses and passwords. This also allows you to import and export events to and from Facebook.

Simply go to 'My Account' (by clicking your name in the top right corner of the screen when logged in) and 'Facebook Settings' in the right-hand column. Then click on 'Connect with Facebook' and follow the instructions.

Import Profile

You can import your Facebook profile to use as your GroupSpaces profile. This will give you the option to import your name, picture and basic details.

Simply go to 'My Account', 'Public Profile' and use the 'Import your Facebook profile' link at the top (you must first connect your GroupSpaces account with your Facebook account). Untick any fields you do not wish imported and click on 'Import'. On the next screen, check imported details and 'Save'.

Sync events

Instead of creating an event twice on both GroupSpaces and Facebook, you can easily export an event to Facebook when creating on GroupSpaces, and RSVPs on both platforms will be synced between the two!

You have to connect your group to Facebook first in order for this to work. For more information, see our article on Importing events from Facebook.

Facebook Like button and Like Box

We've added a Facebook Like button and a Like Box widget to the list of Features, which can be added to the homepage Layout. This means that you can now display a Facebook Page feed in your group as well as a like button. For full details and screenshots see our article on Adding Facebook widgets to your group.