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Special Pricing for Student Groups

We have two options for student groups: a Free plan, and 'Student Pro' for just $44.99 per year!

To reflect that all student group leaders are not in full time employment and to encourage group-related activities on campuses across the world, we have a 'Student' package with a number of different features available for free!

GroupSpaces is available for free for groups up to 2000 members managed exclusively by full-time students at recognized academic institutions. 

Eligible students groups can take advantage of the following, all for free:
  • Up to 2000 members
  • Up to 5 member lists
  • Use of a custom domain name
  • 2.5GB of storage 

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Student groups eligible to use GroupSpaces for free must:
  • Be managed exclusively by full-time students at recognized academic institutions such as universities and colleges. 
  • Have full-time students at recognized academic institutions making up the majority of the group members. 
  • Not aim to make a profit through commercial activities. 
Eligible groups will likely be officially registered societies, clubs or organisations at colleges or universities. 

You are not eligible for the student package if your group:
  • Aims to make a profit
  • Is an incorporated company or charity
  • Has an annual income/turnover/sponsorship of more than £3k / $5k / 3k
  • Has any paid staff members, even if you are predominantly "chaired" or organised by full-time students.
All eligibility for student status remains at our discretion.


Sign up now

If your group is eligible you can sign up with your academic e-mail address or confirm eligibility for an existing group.

Confiming eligibility requires a GroupSpaces account with a verified e-mail address from a recognized university or college.


"Student Pro" Plan

For student groups with more than 2000 members or who would like to take advantage of other features, you can upgrade to our 'Student Pro' plan giving 10,000 members, 50 member lists, unlimited file storage and e-mail statistics for $44.99 per year.

You can upgrade to the Student Pro plan from within your existing verified student group by selecting the Student Pro link that appears below the table with the main plans. (If your group is not already a verified student group this plan will not appear.)