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Send e-mails from group name rather than manager name

By default, E-mails from your group are sent from the e-mail address of whichever manager clicked the 'Send' button.

You can edit the 'From Name' on the 'Email Template' page to the name of your group, but the e-mail address will still be the manager's address, and replies will go to the manager.

To set a generic group address (if you have for example) you can add it as one of the addresses attached to your user account:
  1. Click 'My Groups' from the drop down menu in the top right of the page that appears when you click your name
  2. Click 'E-mail Addresses' in the 'My Profile' section
  3. Add the address in the 'New E-mail' box and then click 'Make Primary'
From now on, when you send an e-mail, it will appear to come from "Your Group Name <>" with no mention of your personal name and address.

N.B. It is not possible to use your discussion list address ( as the 'From' address. This is to stop unwanted replies going to all your members.