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Hand over management of my club or society

Make new committee members managers of your group

To transfer management of your group, all you need are the e-mail addresses of the new committee. Add these members to your database, and then go to the 'Members' tabs in your management toolbar and select them. From the drop-down menu titled 'More actions:' click 'Make manager' button. They will then receive an e-mail inviting them to create an account. Any managers you add will first need to create a GroupSpaces account (using the e-mail address you added) and verify this address before they will get management access to your group.

More information on managers can be found here: Sharing Management

Update your group's contact details

Go to 'About this group' from the 'Settings' tab and update the 'Group Contact Information'. This is what displays on your public group profile on your home page. You may also want to update the default 'From Name' for all your group e-mails - go to your 'Email Settings' page in the 'E-Mails' tab of your management toolbar and scroll down to the 'E-mail Template' tab to update the name your e-mails/newsletters go out from.

Upload your group's files

From marketing materials and logos to project plans and sponsorship proposals, there are probably a lot of files you need to hand over to your incoming committee members!

To upload the files:

  1. Go to the 'Files' tab in your management toolbar.
  2. Upload each file you want to hand over by clicking the green 'Upload File' and selecting the desired access level.
  3. Enable the 'Files' tab on the 'Tabs' page (in the 'Website' menu) if you'd like files to be accessible by non-managers.

Create a page with committee role descriptions

To help your incoming committee members understand that their specific role (e.g. President, Treasurer, Secretary) involves, you can create pages within your group with this information.

  1. Ask every member of your outgoing committee for a short role description
  2. Go to 'Tabs' under the 'Website' menu on your management toolbar.
  3. Drag a 'Page' into the left hand box, check the option to create a new page and edit the title by clicking the pencil icon.
  4. Visit the tab to bring up the editor.
  5. Add all the role descriptions to this page and change the setting so that this page is only viewable to managers if you wish. For details on how to do this, see our article on pages.