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What do I do if I have a problem or question?

We have a detailed help center ( which has a large number of guides on using and getting the most out of GroupSpaces with new articles added every week.

For anything you can't find in the help center, you can contact our User Support Team by e-mail using this form.

You can report a bug, or send us your feedback, by clicking the 'We love feedback' button in the top right of each page:

Please link to the page with the problem and include the steps you took (so that we can reproduce what happened). If possible, a screenshot showing the error would also be appreciated, and any details about your web browser, operating system and the version of both would be much appreciated, and will help us solve your problem a lot quicker.

We track all feedback, suggestions and bug reports, and let our users know if we implement any of their suggestions further down the line. Our product development is very much driven by our users' needs and requests so we appreciate the feedback!