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Pages allow you to display various content on your group - anything from formatted text, to maps, videos, tables and links to files which can be quickly downloaded.

Use pages to provide information to your members or to promote your group to the world!

Using the editor, you can add links, images, maps, full-formatted text and your own custom code into a page, and create any number of pages you like.

To get started with pages, visit the 'Tabs' page in the 'Website' menu of your management toolbar and drag the page box to the 'Current Tabs' section on the left. Find out more about Tabs here.


Pages can also have individual access settings which you can set when editing each page. This will let you decide who can view and who can edit your group's pages and can be changed while editing a page, by using the 'Edit' link at the bottom of the page next to the current access settings.


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