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E-mail archive

The E-mail Archive stores all e-mails sent by managers to the group and allows your members to view previously sent e-mails online. By default emails sent to 'Lists' do not show in the archive, but you can change this on the 'Mailing List Settings' page, accessible from the 'E-mails' menu.

This page includes settings to choose whether e-mails are archived and available for everyone or just members, and also a link to choose whether e-mails sent to member Lists will be archived as well. The link to do this is the 'Customize e-mail archive for member lists' link in the screenshot below.

Clicking the 'Customize e-mail archive for member lists' link opens a window with checkboxes to enable or disable any of your member lists.

If you don't already have your E-mail Archive tab enabled, you can do so from the 'Tabs' page, accessible through the 'Website' tab in your management toolbar.

Web archive of e-mails sent through a discussion list

At present, e-mails sent through our discussion list feature will not be available to view online. This is something we're currently working on and will be adding very soon. All your e-mails are also currently being archived to be displayed online when we release this feature, however.