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Collect money through GroupSpaces

GroupSpaces lets you manage, receive and track payments online - ensuring that you know who has paid, when and what amount. This functionality integrates with your existing member database allowing you to request payments via e-mail to specific member lists or your whole member database.

Your members simply click a link they receive to be taken to an individual page where they can fill out any forms as well as pay quickly and securely. We give you a choice of payment providers who actually process the payments and store your bank and credit details. Learn more about PayPal or Google Checkout, or see our Comparison of payment providers page.

Membership Subscriptions, Bills and Shop Items

You can manage and monitor the payment of your membership fees online using GroupSpaces. After setting up the payment, you can e-mail a payment request to all your members or a specified sub-group. You can also track who has made the payment, and when, and export this information for offline use. If members pay you by cheque or cash, you can mark these members as having 'Paid Offline'.

All payments are displayed in the dashboard shown below - click the 'Payments' tab in your management dashboard.

It's possible to create 'Subscriptions' which automatically remind your members to pay their membership fees on a specified date or after a specified period of time. You can also send e-mail requests for payments using 'Bills' or set up an online 'Shop' to sell items online. You can find out more about our 'Payments' feature here

Event Tickets

It's possible to sell any amount of different types of tickets online for the events your group organizes. Monitoring and managing these payments is done in the same way as for membership fees. You can track who has paid already and when, and you can also export the list of those who have paid to be used offline.

You can find out more about our 'Tickets' feature here

Collect Donations

You can also collect donations to your organization through GroupSpaces by simply adding a tab to the menu on the group’s website.

You can find out more about 'Donations' here.

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